Friday, February 6, 2009

i thought this old post appropriate as I've been feeling the same way lately - which is not a bad thing. I like having lots to do. but it *would* be great to have a truly relaxing day or two. hmm - what does past-tyler have to say?
(originally posted 3/30/04)
So many projects, so little time. (I wrote this one line right after I got to work yesterday and didn't get any farther. ugh.)

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose it's not so bad, but there is just such a long list of things I'm trying to work on. As usual, the difficulty is that I generate more good ideas than I'm physically capable of working on. Up until the last few months I've allowed myself to focus solely on Stylish Vittles, but I've found that doing a little other stuff here and there helps keep me interested in that as well as purge that backlist of projects.

It's one of those situations where I get some really good ideas for stories or projects, good enough to say, "hey, I want to work something up," and add it to my list. Trouble is that by the time I cross off one thing on that list, 5-10 more things have been added.

I've got my focus narrowed down to just a few now, though: there's Stylish Vittles Book 3 of course, and then the Jane Fisher story; also, Ride to Work, Le Tour, Alloy, A Cori Story, and bringing up the rear is a Girlfriends story.

What I'm planning on doing is adding a 'Projects' list to The Tyler Page, both for myself and anyone else interested in my work, as a reminder of what's going on - my obsession for the last several months is simply getting more work out on a regular basis. Now that I've published 2 graphic novels, with a third on the way, I'm finding that there is something lacking in coming out with a book with such long spans of time in between. While I am still enjoying that work, there is a frustration that, for example, here I am getting ready to head to SPACE this weekend, the first convention of the season, with no real new work. I will have Mini Vittles with me, put together for the express purpose of having something sort of 'new,' but how much nicer it would be to have a new issue of something to talk to people about, etc.

So I've spent a lot of time just turning that problem over in my head: what can I do, which stories can I tell that would lend themselves to publishing more often?... Hopefully, the Jane Fisher story will be the first of that. I've got it mostly written and I'm starting to lay it out. It shouldn't take me more than a couple of months to get drawn. Along with the Ride to Work story, it should give me enough material to maybe put out an SV Special late in the summer.

We'll see. I have work to do.


I don't remember what some of those other projects are, but Jane Fisher turned into Nothing Better and that's been updating regularly online for two years now! and I started page-a-day last fall and that's working well. I've got work coming out my ears!

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